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The Africana Cultural Arts Museum is a fifth generation family owned and operated business, founded in Jerusalem over 125 years ago. Towards the end of 19th century, the family began amassing a sizable collection of items found in the surrounding hills of their Jordanian farmlands. Soon enough workers, farmers, and merchants from all over the region caught wind of the rapidly growing “Africana Collection,” and had to see it for themselves. Some wanted to buy, some wanted to sell, some to trade, others wanted to just admire, and yet still others to learn. The incredible assortment of items was quickly manifesting iteself as not only a magnificent historical testament but also a viable business venture. And from these humble beginnings the Africana Family, for over a century, has dedicated itself to acquiring the finest masterpieces of ancient art from around the world. Their curiousity, love, and appreciation for ancient art and artifacts has driven the collection to encompass the sacred relics of various cultures from all corners of the globe… everything from Pre-Columbian America to the Khmer civilization of Cambodia. Although there are many dealers of Ancient Art the world over, you will not find a collection like this anywhere. The depth, the breadth, and the quality of objects found across a countless variety of cultures is simply incomparable.